Consciousness Engineering Research Foundation (CERF) has been created as a platform to identify, evaluate and assess the new technological innovations in the fields of Human Bio-Energy measurement and management as well as the time-tested alternative healing therapies and techniques to support a meaningful research to assist individuals, institutions and practitioners of various forms of therapies.

Med-Lab-at-PVIMeditation Laboratory is started with an intention of providing cutting edge technologies to bring validation to our growth in Spirituality with scientific evidence. Group of individuals who are seeking the Spiritual path has studied over several years to bring scientific understanding of the Consciousness of the individuals and the world at large. In this Med Lab the worlds best technology for spiritual, physical, emotional and mind are put together to be made available for anyone who are seeking spiritual enhancement holistically.  Quantum energy technology is the latest in our world.

Our vision is to bring total health to everyone on this planet:

Mission is to achieve our vision, we provide the advanced healing technologies to anyone who seek enhancement of one’s life.